Evolution DISCCUT1 Disc Cutter Saw Review – Is It Garbage?

This is my Evolution DISCCUT1 Review, for more information on the Evolution Disc Cutter click the link below:

Evolution DISCCUT1 – Official site

First of all thank you for visiting our website and we invite you to stay and poke around a bit you will find product reviews, tips, tricks and how to’s. This is our review of the Evolution Disccut1 Saw and what you will find is an overview of the saw, then we will go over the pros, the cons, what others are saying about it and then our overall thoughts on the Evolution Disccut1 12” Electric Saw.

What Is The Evolutin DISCCUT1 Saw?

The Evolution DISCCUT1 is a 12” electric saw designed to cut Concrete, Stone, Brick, and Pavement, Steel, Tile, and even reinforced concrete. The powerful 20Amp / 2400W motor makes easy work of the most robust materials and because it is electric there are no harmful fumes, making it ideal for work in enclosed areas. The ergonomic support handles are ideally positioned for perfect balance when cutting and the spindle lock mechanism means blade replacement is quick and simple.

  • Alternative to high maintenance, petrol-powered disc cutters!
  • Front and rear support handles are positioned to aid accurate cutting in both horizontal and vertical modes.
  • Supplied with a 12″ diamond blade
  • The safety guard is fully adjustable.
  • 2400W/20A Hi-torque motor
  • Easy to use and maintenance free

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Evolution Disc Cutter Review – Pros!

Our first thought when we saw the Evolution DISCCUT1 12 Inch Electric Concrete Saw is that it would lack the power needed in order to cut through concrete and steel but what we found is when cutting concrete it is similar to cutting a 2×4 with a circular saw and cutting through 1.25” steel was a breeze. Very powerful. Another concern we had was the fact that this saw was made in China and we had never heard the brand before but the saw is very high quality and solid construction has the feel of a tool made in America. In addition this saw includes a very high quality blade for cutting tile, concrete, steel and masonry bricks. Also due to the fact that it is electric it is a great option for cutting in smaller confined spaces where a gas powered cut off saw would gas you out. The best part about the “Evolution DISCCUT1” is it is light weight compared to gas powered and it is well balanced.

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Evolution DISCCUT1 Review – Cons!

With all great products of course come a few cons that you should know about before deciding to purchase the Evolution DISCCUT1 12” Electric Masonry Saw. The first down fall that we found is there is a limitation with the depth of concrete that you can cut in this case it would be up to 4 inches so if you want to cut anything deeper than this would not be a good fit. Also if you are looking for a saw to do large jobs the Electric Evolution DISCCUT1 may not be what you are looking for and you may want to look at a walk behind concrete saw.


Evolution DISCCUT1 Review – Overall Thoughts!

There you have it, our Review of the Evolution DISCCUT1 Electric Masonry Saw. As you read this saw does pack a punch which we did not expect from an electric concrete cutting saw. We would recommend this to anybody who is looking to cut concrete, tile, bricks, pavement and even steel but if you plan on using it for large jobs or cutting thicker than 4” we found that you may be better off with gas powered masonry saw. Even if you are cutting larger jobs you may want to consider adding this to your arsenal of tools for those smaller jobs especially if you are working in confined spaces.


Click Here For More Information About Evolution DISCCUT1

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  1. Siju jacob

    me m like l have brouht by one meachine how to contact

  2. jonathon

    Not that you would condone the act of doing so, but I’m curious as to what the likelihood is that the saw could be made to cut 5″ rather than 4″ by manipulating the guard. I am a home consumer with one single job to complete with the saw. Based on the price and the electric motor, in conjunction with the positive reviews that I read all over the internet, I’d prefer to buy this saw rather than rent a gas powered saw or hire somebody to do the job for me. BUT, alas, I need a 5″ depth cut over a combined distance of 48 feet–then the saw is simply at the disposal of any of my buddies in need of cutting 4″ or less. Again, in no way would I assume that you condone the idea of manipulating the saw to increase the cutting depth, simply curious, based on your hands-on experience with the saw if it would be possible for somebody to take the risk. My math tells me that the saw blade is capable, but without a 360 degree view/my own hands on the device, I can’t tell if it is even a possibility.

    Thanks for your interest in my request for information about the Evolution Disccut 1.

  3. Concrete Tool Reviews

    Hi Johnathan, thanks for inquiring about this. Personally I would not do this and rather go for a 14″ saw instead like the Husqvarna K3000 (about $500 more). But if it is price that you are worried about than yes I am sure that you could get a 5″ cut out of it with a few modifications.

    What exactly are you cutting? Maybe I could offer a suggestion or two to help you out!

  4. Concrete Tool Reviews

    Hi Siju, I am terribly sorry but I cannot figure out what you are asking.

  5. Andy Peklo

    I have a project that I was thinking this Evolution saw might work. I would be cutting ( trimming ) large granite blocks that form a tunnel ( penstock) as part of a small hydro project. Mostly cutting off corners and jutting out pieces and some in cases in somewhat closed spaces. Most of the references mention concrete and bricks but leave out stone. Do you think it would work? Thanks, Andy

  6. Ben

    Are there dust control attachments or a wet cut attachment for this saw

  7. Concrete Tool Reviews

    I think it would be safe to say that this saw will work for you. Just be sure to get a good blade meant for cutting through granite

  8. Concrete Tool Reviews

    Not that I know of, I would consider having somebody work beside you, introducing a little water to keep the dust down. But ensure that you are not using too much as this is an electric saw. I’m sure I don’t need to explain the risk of electricity and water.

  9. Casey

    I have bedrock in my basement I want to cut out. Has anyone tried it on rock?? I used a gas powered one but kept cutting off cuz its inside

  10. Concrete Tool Reviews

    I haven’t tried it personally on rock but I was browsing through some reviews on amazon that were saying that they used it on rock.

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