Makita HM1812X3 70 Lb Demolition Breaker Hammer – Can It Compete Against A Pneumatic Jackhammer?

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We were quite surprised at how well this beast performs, in fact it is probably the best electric jackhammer we have reviewed to date.
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Smashing up concrete with an electric demolition hammer should not have to be hard but the truth of the matter is, if we want to get it done then we need a pneumatic jackhammer. Will the Makita 70 Lb demolition hammer make things any easier or maybe even surpass a pneumatic  demolition hammer?

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If you want a break down of the good the bad and the ugly then our Makita HM1812X3 Review is probably what you are looking for. You can expect to find an overview of this jackhammer, a list of features, the pros, the cons and then our overall thoughts.

An Overview Of The Makita 70 Lb Jackhammer

This beast aka the Makita HM1812X3 70 Lb AVT Breaker Hammer has been designed and engineered to give you the ability to destroy concrete like a pneumatic breaker hammer. The 15 Amp motor delivers up 870 Blows Per Minute (BPM) and 53.9 ft. lbs. of impact energy which means that you can expect top notch concrete smashing performance.  If you are familiar with using an air hammer then you are going to appreciate the fact that this electric jackhammer less noise and lower vibration. The HM1812 comes equipped with the latest Advanced AVT Technology by Makita that sets new standards when it comes to vibration technology.

Makita AVT Breaker Hammer Features & Specifications

  • Makita HM1812X3 Specifications InfographicThe powerful 15 Amp motor delivers 53.9 Ft. Lbs. of impact energy meaning that it will perform well in most anything you can throw at it.
  • Soft start is designed to suppress start-up reaction for greater accuracy on start up
  • “Soft no-load” function automatically reduces the speed of the motor when not in use which helps increase tool life and performance
  • L.E.D. power light indicates switch failure or cord damage
  • L.E.D. service light notifies the user approximately 8 hours before brushes need to be replaced
  • Automatic brush cut-off protects commutator from damage for longer tool life
  • Recessed lifting handles provide more convenience
  • Included transport cart for transport the Makita electric jackhammer and bits

What Exactly Is Advanced AVT Technology?

Makita’s Advanced AVT Technology is a 3 component system when combined produces excellent vibration reduction without compromising performance in any way. Vibration level is reduced to as little as 6.5 m/s². The 3 components are as follows

  • Makita Advanced AVT LogoVibration Absorbing Housing – Advanced AVT® provides a vibration-absorbing housing with a spring-loaded handle and housing which moves independently of the motor and hammer mechanism, effectively isolating vibration away from the user.
  • Internal Counterbalance System – Advanced AVT® provides an air-actuated counterbalance system that directs air pressure from the crank and barrel cylinder into the counterbalance chamber to push counterweight pistons in the opposite direction of the hammer mechanism.
  • Rubberized Fixed Handles – Advanced AVT® provides rubberized fixed handles which dampen vibration for increased comfort and precision.

Makita HM1812X3 Vs Pneumatic Jackhammer

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Makita 70 Lb Demolition Hammer In Real World Setting

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Makita HM1812X3 Breaker Hammer – Pros

Now let’s have a look at some of the things that we like about the Makita HM1812X3 demolition hammer

  • The Advanced AVT  Technology is pretty amazing at ensuring that it is not too hard on the operator with very minimal vibrations. This makes using such a big jackhammer a little easier on the poor sucker who gets stuck with this job.
  • The transport cart does not feel as cheap as some of the other large jackhammers we have reviewed
  • It does not bounce all over the place once you get it into position and hit the trigger.
  • The built in cord guide is really as it makes it so that it is not continually getting in your way allowing you to just get the job done without hassle.
  • Outperforms comparable pneumatic jackhammers and you don’t have to lug around a large compressor and hoses.
  • The service lights for the brushes and switch/cord damage combined with the automatic brush cut off help to ensure that you get the longest possible life out of this demo hammer.
  • It is way quieter than a pneumatic jackhammer without sacrificing any power.

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Makita HM1812X3 Demolition Hammer – Cons

When it comes to cons on the Makita 70 Lb Demolition Hammer there really was not much to dislike about it. It performs amazingly well for an electric demo hammer. I guess the only real big issue would be it’s weight, I don’t care who you are, it is not very pleasant to have to lug around a 70 lb jackhammer all day long. On the other hand it is better than using a smaller jackhammer for 2 to 3 times as long.

Our Overall Thoughts On The Makita 70 Lb Demolition Hammer

So there you have it our review of the Makita HM1812 Demolition Hammer and I’m sure you will agree this thing is an absolute beast. If there is anything that we did not cover in this review then we invite you to ask in the comments below. Also if you have used this jackhammer then please share with us what your thoughts are on it.

Does it compete against a pneumatic jackhammer? If you are looking to find a Makita breaker hammer that can successfully replace your large air compressor and long lengths of hose then we would definitely recommend this Makita breaker hammer. We were quite surprised at how well this beast performs, in fact it is probably the best electric jackhammer we have reviewed to date.

Who is this electric jackhammer best for? The Makita HM1812X3 was designed with the concrete contractor in mind. If you use a jackhammer on a regular basis to smash out old concrete then we would recommend adding it to your arsenal, you’ll thank us later! On the other hand if you are just looking to break out a little chunk of sidewalk or do a little plumbing repair in your basement, we would recommend either renting one or picking up the Makita HM1307CB.

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