Makita HR4002 SDS-MAX Rotary Hammer Review

Are you up in the air about purchasing the Makita HR4002 Hammer Drill?

We get it because nobody likes to waste their hard earned dollars on buying garbage tools.

In todays review on the HR4002 we will hopefully help you make a more educated decision before deciding whether or not to purchase this Rotary Hammer by Makita

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Welcome to where you will find unbiased product reviews, tips, tricks and how to’s all related to the concrete industry. In this Makita HR4002 Review you will find an overview of this rotary hammer drill, then we will go over the pros, the cons, what others are saying about it and then our overall thoughts and whether or not we recommend picking up the Makita HR4002.

Makita HR4002 SDS-MAX Rotary Hammer
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Durability

Overall Thoughts:

If you are serious about picking a rotary hammer drill that you can be sure is going to be able to attack whatever challenge you throw at it then this is your drill.

What Is The Makita HR4002 Hammer Drill?

Makita HR4002 Drill ReviewThe badass Makita HR4002 SDS Max 1-9/16″ Rotary Hammer is sleek, powerful and ergonomically designed for comfort and maximum production. It boasts a super powerful 10 amp motor that is sure to stand up to the most demanding jobs you throw at it. With 2500 blows per minute and sequential impact timing this beast is designed to provide 50% faster drilling speeds so that you can get in and get the job done with record speed.


  • 10 amp motor
  • 1 9/16” drilling capacity
  • 6 ft. lbs. of impact energy
  • 2500 blows per minute
  • 680 RPM
  • 18” overall length
  • 6 lb. overall weight
  • Accepts SDS Max bits

Note: It is important that you don’t confuse the SDS MAX Rotary Hammer bits with the regular SDS bits.

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Makita SDS Max Review – Pros!

1451994538_tick_16The one touch sliding chuck makes changing bits very fast and easy

1451994538_tick_16The sequential impact timing delivers timed hammering action resulting in 50% faster drilling, and we all know that we want to drill a little faster, right?

1451994538_tick_16The built in torque limiting clutch is a huge pro of the Makita HR4002 because if your bit jams you will not break your wrists as the rotary hammer spins out of control


Makita HR4002 Rotary Hammer Cons!

XNo Variable Speed, although they claim it to be, which is a bit of a downfall

XNo Rotary Only Mode, but most who need a rotary hammer drill don’t use this feature anyways

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Here is a video of the Makita 4002 SDS Max by kmstoolsforum

Makita HR4002 Review – Overall Thoughts!

So there you have it, our review of the Makita HR4002 SDS Max Hammer Drill. Now is the part of this review where we share our overall thoughts and whether we think it is worth picking up. Don’t let us tell you what to do though, the decision is up to you.

As we mention this drill does not offer a mode just for drilling so if you are looking for a “drill” then this may not be the right choice for you but… If you are serious about picking a rotary hammer drill that you can be sure is going to be able to attack whatever challenge you throw at it and keep coming back for more then you would be an absolute fool not to pick up the Makita HR4002.

Did this review help you? If so we would greatly appreciate it if you could leave a comment below!

…Also if you have used the Makita HR4002 before Please Share Your Thoughts Below.

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