Polished Concrete Floors – Are They Right For Your Home Or Business?

Concrete FloorsHave you ever considered polished concrete floors in your home or business?

Polished concrete floors can really add a lot of beauty to the home or business. The design possibilities are endless. You can incorporate engraving, etching, staining, and dying. Polished floors are achieved by treating the concrete with a chemical densifier and polished with progressively finer polishing tools. The types of polishing tools consist of diamond grinding cup wheels and diamond polishing pads that progressively get finer as the process goes on. Typically concrete floors are polished somewhere between 400 and 3000 grit to achieve that high gloss finish everyone loves.

Here are a couple questions people often ask when enquiring about polished concrete floors.

Q: Can My Concrete Floors Be Polished?

A: The truth of the matter is, almost any concrete floors, old or new, can be polished to add life and beauty. Whether it is in your home or business, you can surely benefit from having a polished floor that will add years to the life of your concrete. When polishing a floor, you are enhancing the aesthetic quality of the floor mainly because it allows it to look better longer. To find out whether or not your concrete floor can be polished, have someone come out and take a look at it first before continuing to move forward.

Polished Concrete FloorsQ: Won’t The Process Of Polishing Concrete Floors Make Huge Mess In My Home or Business?

A: Almost all of the techniques that are utilized to polish concrete floors are clean and productive. Any mess that may potentially occur should not be a concern as long as you do your due diligence and hire the right concrete floor contractor..

Q: Aren’t Concrete Floors Hard To Keep Clean?

A: Actually, polished concrete floors reduce dust mite and allergen problems, and do not support mold growths. Polished concrete will actually make cleaning a lot easier because of the fact that the concrete is so smooth and not too porous sweeping up certain materials could take twice as long if the concrete weren’t polished.  Unsightly stains could also be a factor where a polished concrete floor would never fall victim to discoloration or permanent destruction of any kind. Having polished concrete can save you a lot of time when it comes to cleaning up after yourself or your customers and employees.

Colorful Concrete FloorsQ: Don’t Polished Concrete Floors Get Way Too Slippery?

A: Surprisingly polished concrete floors actually have quite the grip, although a polished floor might look slick because of the shiny finish. Truth be told tile floor is usually a lot more slippery than polished concrete. There is not a bigger risk of falling and slipping than on any other kind of floor surface so no need to worry.

Q: Is It True That Polishing Can Extend The Life Of Concrete Floors

A: One huge advantage of having polished concrete floors is that it extends the life span of the concrete.. Concrete is a very durable material in and of itself, but it is also vulnerable to stain and cracking over time. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much longer your floor will last if you polish your concrete surfaces. Here’s an example, most tiles with the exception of porcelain only have a life expectancy of about 10-20 years on average, and polished concrete floors on the other hand will last up to 100 years with proper maintenance.


Concrete Floor CompassI hope that this post has helped to enlighten you about this great sustainable design flooring option because it makes use of the materials already present and is surprisingly cost effective. Almost all buildings are built with concrete floors; polishing the exposed concrete eliminates the energy and material consumed by applying a floor covering. This option is definitely something to consider if you are leaning towards a greener option

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